Development of an online slot machine

For the end user, or those who are unfamiliar with the world of casinos or computer programming, online slot machines can look simple. But it is precisely these games in Internet casinos that require the most development and change most frequently. 

 Workflow – creating a slot machine

It takes about a year for a first-class online slot machine from the first idea on paper to the development on different platforms. About a dozen people are working on the process, including a game designer, a mathematician, a server developer, one to three web developers, a game tester, a project manager, a creative team of one or two people and a configurator. Depending on the exact details of the game, special graphic designers can also collaborate.

Although each game is different, developers often use an existing machine system, which simplifies the process of research and development. Thus, the wheel does not always have to be reinvented when a new game is developed. Whether a player uses a simple 7-machine or a Hollywood-related one such as the Nightmare on ElmstreetAutomat , it is taken for granted that every detail has been carefully planned down to the last pixel.

The long process of completion

The first step in designing a game is meeting lots of people and discussing the concept to see if it could work. Creative teams, marketers, product managers and developers are involved.

Creation of a slot

The first concept is brainstorming, and when a direction is determined, marketing statistics, demographics and other existing data are used. After further meetings and coordination, the concept is developed into a concrete idea and handed over to the creative team and the product team. These groups then find out if there are already similar games on the market. The challenge then is to present something new in such a way that it becomes interesting for players.

For example, if a company developed slot machines with the landmarks of the world, the teams would first find out if there were any games of this kind. If you find some slot machines that use ancient and medieval landmarks, such as the slots with pyramids of Egypt or slots with the Colosseum in Rome , then you will use more modern structures such as the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. 

When the topic is determined, the team determines the mood of the game. Is it funny and can it be well supported with cartoon characters or is it more realistic and it is best to use real photos? How are the rewards generated in line with the theme and mood of the game?

Slot design is complex

Creativity and market research determine everything, from the larger details, such as the color palette, the fonts and the tone, to the smallest details. In the example given, this would be, for example, the question of whether a famous building casts a shadow or whether the bonus game starts after 3 or 5 seconds. Every little detail is determined by the team before the outside world even knows that the game is being developed.

Ultimately, it is important to create the best possible experience for the player.

Sometimes designers work with different companies, usually it’s about current pop culture elements like a particular film or musician that need to be involved. It can be a real challenge. In order to develop a brand game, the team must study the brand in great detail to understand the characters, the main scenarios and the highlights. Then everything has to be implemented in a realistic game plan that can be implemented quickly enough and within budget and of course has also been approved by the brand owner. The brand owners are often Hollywood studios with strict rules for intellectual property and copyrights.

Despite the additional collaboration with brand owners, it is sometimes harder to create a slot machine from scratch. A game without a brand connection has other challenges – how does it differ from the masses of other slot games that dozens of providers create every year? The challenge is to make the game tempting and engaging for the player, but not too complicated in project execution.

The players decide whether it will be a success

Online slot machines are constantly evolving and the designers hope that every new development will stimulate the imagination and make players return. However, once the game becomes available to players, designers need to keep up with the changes in technology and make changes to the game from time to time, especially when new platforms, new browsers, or operating systems come on the market. Vending machines also need to be adjusted when new legal decisions have been made.

The success of an online slot machine is determined by several values, such as the revenue generated, the popularity and, perhaps most importantly, the “stickiness” of the players (how long they play on a machine in a session and how often they go to that particular machine to return). However, all the data in the world cannot guarantee whether a machine will be a great success or a failure.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Designers can create very successful, simple machines and very successful, complex machines. Since there is no single player, there is no single answer. Still, a good game often combines good winnings for players with good features (often a progressive jackpot) and outstanding creativity.

Phew, complicated, isn’t it? Well, if you’re interested in knowing more, it’s possible to read up more on how slot machines are built, and maybe take up a class or two in programming!

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